New Beginning

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Hi, welcome to our new blog at! I’m quite happy that I’m with Feldten Marine where I can share my passion for sailing  together with my daily job. I’ve been sailing for the past 15 years, mainly cruising. My passion for the Ocean goes back to the first years of my life. I think, You get the picture. I am examined Engineer which I expended with Economics, so my education fits quite well with what I am doing today. Nanogate is the company behind Feldten Marine. The mission behind Feldten Marine is to combine a very old and well established brand as Feldten, more here,  and carefully introduce  some of Nanogates’  innovative technologies available today. So here here we are, trying our best to simplify, or even change, the way we think of maintenance jobs. You know, we all get excited when Spring is showing the first signs, and we all want to go out there and start to prepare our boats for the season. I must admit it is funny the first couple of ours, rest is hard work and much less fun. This is exactly what we are trying to do. Feldten Marine and my team of scientists and technicians are trying to change the way You take care of Your boat. We surely can not do this without real life experiences, that is why we always appreciate Your advice and hints. What about Nanogate. It is actually quite amazing what technology can do today! We are able to tailor make active surfaces performing according to customers’ specifications, and it all starts with Nanogate Technology®. We can precicely direct with what we will come up with in the right way. Well enough for this time, I’ll come back soon with more blogging, so stay tuned!


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