Help us with ideas for new products

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We are indeed very innovative company but without input from you we would not be here today. What I mean is that we have many interesting and innovative products which are waiting on our shelves for market introduction. I’ve been maintaining my own boat for the past 12 years and I belive that I know a bit about the subject but  sometimes it is “hard to see wood for the trees”  and it is also difficult  for me and my team to pick up the right products for the market. That is way we would like to invite you all to send us proposal for most “wishful” new chemical products to be used on boats. For a second try to forget if the technology is available or not and just explain in few words what chemical product you really miss on your boat. In other words “Sky is the limit”.  Best proposals will be awarded with selection of Feldten Marine products free of charge. Looking forward for your inputs.


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