Nanogate Technology

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It is interesting how a new technology like Nano Technology rise and than becomes more invisible, or….Lets have a look at very beginning of nano technology. It all started with a buckyball, a molecular composed intearly of carbon in a hollow sphere, which discovery brought a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996 to Robert F. Curl Jr., Sir Harold W. Kroto and Richard E. Smalley. It took some year and a lot of research in order to have more end-user related products. For Nanogate it all started in 1999 as  a spin-off from the Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Saarbrücken in Germany. Our first product was glass coating with active material based on self assembling process. Further development of material platforms lead to design of new functionalities by programming materials on the basis of Nanogate Technology®. Today 13 years old we are in forefront of chemical nano technology in the world. But what about arise and fall, as I mentioned in beginning? Well, my own personel meaning is that when first products became available for customers in the beginning of year 2000, the expectations for product properties were too high. Marketing of these products by irresponsible companies went in the wrong direction and customers turned back on the products. It took some year of hard work to regain the customers trust and today quality nano products as Feldten Marine products are getting bigger and bigger market shares. But that is not all, Nano Technology developed in various directions, as medical, composite, chemical- nano technologies and today is a part of almost every single piece of advance equipment. Your phone, car, laptop could not perform as it does with out Nano Technology. So my point today is that Nano Technology never disappeared as new technology, it is just living a secret life behind curtains.


Pictures shows reactor in our production facilities

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